Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My recent trip to New York

Just a few weeks ago I finally got to meet an artist I've always admired and come to know as a close friend, Miss Aniela. She held her first ever stateside Fashion Shoot Experience in Brooklyn. My husband and I stayed in this Clinton Hill brownstone mansion for 3 days with her and her fiance, Matt and some other friends.
My first day was spent mostly assisting and by assisting I mean things like...sitting out on the stoop in the sun waiting for models to arrive ;)

The second day I paired up with Rick and we spent the day shooting 5 different models in 5 locations of the house. It was dreamy, nerve racking, tiring. Truly one of the best things I've ever done and I felt proud and accomplished at the end.
The last day of shooting we were set to leave and head back to Boston but we just couldn't! So we spent the day hanging around and I'm so glad we did. I got to pose nude for Miss Aniela which is something I've never done before! I took loads of behind the scenes shots and we got to spend quality time with some of the wonderful people we met. It's always the people you meet who make a trip like this so memorable. It was hard to say goodbye!
Lastly, I would like to mention I will be featured in the next issue of Musetouch Magazine which comes out mid-April so be on the lookout for that.

some bts images from the fashion shoot

two of my images from the shoot that i love. models are germaine and yasmine.

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